28 de diciembre de 2010


FInally, we need to share this :) Before starting doing this, we used to make videos and producing, only for have fun, then we participate in the EMA Mtv to win two VIP Tickets, we didn't win haha :) But we enjoy so much doing this, and we discover what our mind can do :) THere are some of them, wish you enjoy :)

Well. Here I am, for post some videos. Well, I usually rec videos for projects and things like that, so I haven't done so many good videos for this time; but from now i will try to make more with Alvaro so we can post here. Yeah man! Haha! Here you have the video Alvaro and I made for MTV EMAs so I expect you like so much and comment! Haha! Kisses!! @davegdam


5 comentarios:

ali.avenue dijo...

yes it was damn cold. :D
but I survived it

ali.avenue dijo...

how lovely. thanks! :)
hope you had a wonderful christmas!


nathalie dijo...

How much what?

Giuli Kakoulli dijo...

Love the videos!!:) xx


Anónimo dijo...

Oh yes, it's cold here :D I'm fed up with snow ahah! My brother has the same Bench t-shirt in black ;) hèhè Thanx for your comment!