30 de enero de 2011

heeeey :) Me aburría en casa y como hace mal tiempo me he hecho alguna foto :) No son nada del otro mundo, es simplemente un outfits completamente de Jules. En nombre de los dos, lo sentimos por no haber actualizado en una semana pero es que el colegio quita mucho tiempo, estamos muy contentos ya que es definitivo que nos vallamos a USA. Gracias otra vez :) Espero que os guste



24 de enero de 2011


Here wego again. We have reasons for not having appeared. We're so bussy and very nervous for the trip to NY with the school:) I have many ideas in my head, and are related to SLOutfits, but there is still time. We are better than ever, this looks going onWe've realized that guys are not exactly like us around the world so we do not have followers (boys), but this is good enough for us:)

Again thank you that we are already 31 in our city:)

Thanks again seriously.



T-shirt by Jules 
Shoes by Pull and Bear
Headphones by Philips
Jeans by Jack & Jones
Jersey by H&M

18 de enero de 2011

Daily pop outfits :)

We're back, sorry but I'm sick. These photos are not meaningless, they are confirmed.In previous post wanted to reference a Britpop style at this point is considered vintage,form and style that is hard to reach. These photos are more everyday. Colorful pantscan never miss, and always have to be skinny. Shirt with a picture of the Heineken brand in green:) You can not miss good unbuttoned Levis, that give a touch imperfectphoto. I really hope you like it. Thank you all: D


FRESH Pants (made in Spain) of Distrito 16
T Heineken Distrito 16
Levis U.S. model

Distrito 16 es una de mis tiendas favoritas, lo ireis viendo a lo largo de todos los outfits si no seguis :) Es una tienda que esta en la calle de moda Fuencarral en Madrid, es la única que hay, tienen camisetas de todos lso tipos con un toque Pop y pantalones de todos los colores, ademas de sudaderas, que por cierto me encantan. Lo definiria como mi tienda perfecta :) Si la complementeas con otras todo puede ser perfectamente imperfecto :D 

15 de enero de 2011


As we said we have changed our name, our apperiance, ALL. :D We have changed our name because our last name was the same of a porn web, and we were not sure of want to name as a porn site. :) We have done this 4 days before we planning. Remember that we told you changes would come on January 17th.
Different news before the pics, the draw is postponed cause of participants, and we let you know that is important to send us your email addresses.  Thanks :)
PD: Sorry cause of the sunglasses but I have an illness in my eyes, probably you can see it in one pic :):)






Don't Stop The Pop

The incredible new song of DJ Earworm for the Top 25 Billboard Hits. Listen it. Incredible DJ.

The new hit of Taio Cruz and Kylie Minogue!

Today I bring you a new hit I have discovered today and I like it so much! So I wanna show you the new song by Taio Cruz and the most incredible Australian girl, Kylie Minogue. Higher.

And now, I recommend you to hear the new song of Usher, More, by this link: CLICK HERE!

13 de enero de 2011

New sidebar, and toolbar in the downside!! :)

So we have made some improvements to the design of the Blog, starting with the monthniversary week of the Blog. So the first thing we have changed is that.
We started with a so long sidebar in the left, but today, we have release a new toolbar in the downside with all the things we had before in the left side. For example, Twitter or Facebook. Now you have a chat too, and our Youtube's Videos Channel. You can follow our feed and you can share our blog with your friends by your Twitter. Discover more new features from now, in the new toolbar :)

Alice outfits

Just take the relflex of my dad, shout my sister and say: Alice do you want me taking some pics of you? Alice: SUUUUUUUUURE!. I tall her what do I want she to wear and thats all. Hope you like it, there will be more pics :) Comment and I'll tell her :) THANKS!



11 de enero de 2011

Britney's new single

We were waiting excited this song as Britney has been a little bit of time without new songs, but here you have the one she is releasing today. It's name? Hold It Against Me. And it looks like a very very new hot hit. Hey DJ! Play it!
WHAT? I'M THE DJ. HERE YOU HAVE THE SONG..................!!!!

10 de enero de 2011

Music News!! by Dave G ;)

So I haven't been here for a long time, so I have to post all the last news of the music world in one post, as I don't want you to read so many posts and get lost :). So the first new is the release of one song from the sweet Bruno Mars. Here you have the song: Grenade. Hope you like it!!

Releasing new songs

Let's continue! So more things I got to tell you... Oh Yes!
Will.I.Am thinks the BEP are more a brand, than a band
Yes, that is what he told during an interview for Metro, he said that the important thing if you wanna success in the music world is the promotion of the songs. The important thing for them is not to sell more albums, it is to be in the mind of the people, they want all of us to sing their songs like we sing the Happy Birthday. Well, for him, the pop music doesn't exist, look what he said:
Pop is to call attention, as the cream of all, is not a genre. Like 50 Cent makes hip hop has become hard and pop. If BEP were not popular, what would our music?

And for finish my post for today, I wanna give the reason to Katy Perry, yes, because a few days ago, she told that "Men are delighted to see me" and yes, it's true. 

7 de enero de 2011


Tenemos muchas y variadas noticias, todas muy importantes. El dia 17 de Enero llevaremos un mes aquí, por ese motivo, tenemos varias cosas que anunciar:

-Primero, FM va a tener un cambio completo que incluira nombre, diseño y, en definitiva, todo nuevo. Previamente avisaremos el nuevo nombre. 
-Segundo, tendremos nuevas colaboraciones en el blog. 
-Tercero, pero no menos importante, con motivo de nuestro mes se realizará un sorteo. (ABAJO)

We have many different news, all very important. January 17th is the day we took a month here, which is why we have several things to announce:

-First o all, FM is going to have a complete change that will include name, design and, generally, all. Previously we will announce the new name.
-Second, we will have new partnerships in the blog.
-Third, but not less important, during this month there will be a draw. (DOWN)


El sorteo consiste en seguirnos desde tú BLOG, TWITTER O FACEBOOK y mandarnos un email a AD.FMonsters@hotmail.com con tu email y blog o twitter desde el que nos sigues, y tu nombre o alias.

-Con tu blog pon una foto en un post con nuestro link en hipervínculo y diciendo que participáis (la foto es la de abajo), si quereis conseguir más posibilidades; y síguenos. Además podéis hacer que la persona que participe gracias a que nos ha visto en vuestro blog lo indique en el email; con más posibilidades aún para vosotros de ganar.
-Para participar desde Twitter haz clic en el siguiente botón y envía un mensaje con el nombre de la cuenta de Twitter desde la que participas a nuestro email. Recuerda que si nos ven gracias a ti que nos lo indiquen en el email. Síguenos en Twitter en @davegdam y @Alvarosrules para que podamos ver tu Tweet!!

-Sigue y haz clic en "Me Gusta" en nuestra página en Facebook (mira la barra lateral) para participar también. Recuerda mandarnos después un mensaje a AD.FMonsters@hotmail.com con el nombre con el que nos sigues para participar. Si otra persona participa gracias a tí, que nos lo indique en el email para que tengas más posibilidades!

Da igual de que parte del mundo seas, todo el mundo puede participar con las mismas posibilidades. Se enviará un email a los dos ganadores y mandaremos, de forma gratuita, el premio a tu casa. 

¿EL PREMIO? Para el primero, un Casio color oro. Para el segundo, un Casio color plata. 
Es muy facil conseguirlo! Y recordar cuanta más gente participe gracias a vosotros más posibilidades tendréis de ganar!

For participate in the Draw, follow FM from your blog or Twitter, send an email to AD.FMonsters@hotmail.com with your email writing your blog or twitter from which you follow us and your name and surname.

-In your blog post the picture below in a post with our link and telling that you participate in the Draw, if you want to get more chances; and follow us! If another person participate because he has seen the Draw in your blog tell him to write your blog in the email and you will have more chances too for win.
-For participate from Twitter clic on the following botton and send an email with the name of tour Twitter account to our email. And if another person participates because he have seen the draw in your Twitter, told him to write in his email, so you will have more possibilities for win. Follow us on Twitter: @davegdam and @Alvarosrules so we can read your Tweet!

-Clic "I Like It" in our page in Facebook for participate too (look the column in the left side). Remember to send us an email to AD.FMonsters@hotmail.com with the name of the account from where you follow us and tell your friends that if they are participating because of you, to write it on the email so you will have more chances to win!
No matter which part of the world you are, everyone can participate with equal opportunities. An email will be sent to the two winners and we will send the award free of charge to your home.
THE AWARD? For the first, a gold Casio. For the second, a silver CasioIt's easy to get! And remember as more people see our draw and blog because of you, you will have more possibilities.

This is the pic you must post in your blog. Not in Twitter.
Se realizará el 17 de Enero. Se publicara diariamente la lista actualizada de los participantes indicando su nombre mandando en el email o su Twitter.
The results will be the 17 of January. We will post the list of people who participate dayly with their names sent on the email or the user of Twitter.


6 de enero de 2011

JB, more influential than Obama and the Dalai Lama

So, first of all, for the Spanish followers and readers, Merry Magic Kings Day!! Yeah! I hope you have all what you wished! Haha! Many presents? I hope it!
So today I opened the Internet and I found a so interesting new. So the thing is that according to a study made by Klout, the young singer is more influential by the web than Barack Obama, the president of the USA, and the Dalai Lama.
Klout made a count of tweets, "I like it" on Facebook, pings and other things like that on Social Networks; and Justin Bieber has obtained the maximum score (100). For example, each Tweet has been re-twitted an average of 5 million times.
Barack Obama obtained 88 points and Lady Gaga 89, for example. Each tweet of the president was re-twitted more or less 250000 times.

2 de enero de 2011


Just wanna say happy new year, cause I couldn't say before here. I'm looking the way to upload things by BlackBerry :) I wish you had a nice New Year Eve, cause I had it :) I stund up until 6 in the morning in Spain waiting GaGa... And when I saw the dates of Born This Way and some parts of the song I couldnt believe. I cried. I was so nervous; and my partner say the dates before, so I'll put it down...

 Lady Gaga 

I'm beautiful in my way, 'cause God makes no mistakes, I'm on the right track baby, I was Born This Way.
 Lady Gaga 

Don't hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and you're set. I'm on the right track baby, I was Born This Way.

Also she sub one pict of the new album. 

NOTICESThe new smoking ban prohibits smoking in enclosed public places, doors and aroundpublic organizations, public parks ... I don't disagree, but it just looks a little excessive.But you know, the law is the law...

Obviously you can be a Bad Boy... 

New things coming soon!


Happy new year followers :) 

What was Gaga's announcement?

So for start, just only say HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! So nobody better for start 2011 posts than Lady Gaga. So as she promised some weeks ago, she yesterday made the announcement we all were waiting for! So what are the news? So simple. Some release dates for her album and her new CD.

Some days ago, I told you that rumor has it that she would published her new album on her birthday's date; but finally, in a tweet post at midnight on New Year's Eve, she wrote:
THE SONG 2 13 11 THE RECORD 5 23 11 
So as you can imagine, she will release her new album Born This Way next 23rd May 2011; and she will release  her next and first single from the CD, next 13th February 2011. This could be another stellar year for Gaga. Her last album, The Fame Monster, was the best-selling album of 2010 worldwide, selling nearly 6 million copies. She also has had seven consecutive singles that have been top 10 hits, with two of them hitting no. 1.
With the dates, she published the photo at the right, where he appears nude from the waist down, with her hair blowing about, and sporting a jacket with the album's title emblazoned in what look like bedazzled jewels.

Source: mtv.com