10 de enero de 2011

Music News!! by Dave G ;)

So I haven't been here for a long time, so I have to post all the last news of the music world in one post, as I don't want you to read so many posts and get lost :). So the first new is the release of one song from the sweet Bruno Mars. Here you have the song: Grenade. Hope you like it!!

Releasing new songs

Let's continue! So more things I got to tell you... Oh Yes!
Will.I.Am thinks the BEP are more a brand, than a band
Yes, that is what he told during an interview for Metro, he said that the important thing if you wanna success in the music world is the promotion of the songs. The important thing for them is not to sell more albums, it is to be in the mind of the people, they want all of us to sing their songs like we sing the Happy Birthday. Well, for him, the pop music doesn't exist, look what he said:
Pop is to call attention, as the cream of all, is not a genre. Like 50 Cent makes hip hop has become hard and pop. If BEP were not popular, what would our music?

And for finish my post for today, I wanna give the reason to Katy Perry, yes, because a few days ago, she told that "Men are delighted to see me" and yes, it's true. 

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Carlos A. dijo...

Haha, la canción de Mars es muy buena, las chicas están locas. Will es un genio ó eso parece. Katy es la más sabia de todas jaja. Excelente elección, gustos parecidos.