13 de enero de 2011

New sidebar, and toolbar in the downside!! :)

So we have made some improvements to the design of the Blog, starting with the monthniversary week of the Blog. So the first thing we have changed is that.
We started with a so long sidebar in the left, but today, we have release a new toolbar in the downside with all the things we had before in the left side. For example, Twitter or Facebook. Now you have a chat too, and our Youtube's Videos Channel. You can follow our feed and you can share our blog with your friends by your Twitter. Discover more new features from now, in the new toolbar :)

2 comentarios:

Trendy soul dijo...

Hola soy seguidora de vuestro blog! Es genial, me apunto a vuestro concurso, ya que los casio me encantan.
Ya he colocado la foto que pedis en mi blog. Pasaros cuando querais.
e-mail: trendysoulalways@gmail.com

Un besito.

Trendy Soul http://trendy-soul.blogspot.com/

SL' outfits dijo...

No sabia de el nuevo nombre!
Gracias por el coment baby!
A ver si las subís yaaaaaaaaaaa!
Loove xoxo