31 de diciembre de 2010

1 HOUR FOR 2011!!!!!



You know the same as everyone! Just that she will published her album may be the day of her birthday, and it's name is Born This Way. For the Spanish people, rumour has it that she may do a song featuring Chenoa in Spanish. So is the perfect person for full our list of what we can expect about music in the 2011. I have finished my 11 posts so just wanna say you HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


1 HOUR FOR 2011!!  

2 HOURS FOR 2011


On the next months, on Fucking Monsters will be a lot of new things. We may have new writers talking about music, outfits. We will start to post our first reports on video; and you will see the first programs of The FM Board!! And the best thing! We may have a Live Video Channel!!! We are preparing a lot of things for you!

2 HOURS FOR 2011!!  

3 HOURS FOR 2011


He will come to Spain on April and may be he will release a new album with some features!! Incredible!

3 HOURS FOR 2011!!  

4 HOURS FOR 2011


The Queen of Pop will come again with new hits next year! Yeah man!

4 HOURS FOR 2011!! 

5 HOURS FOR 2011


She's like a young Rihanna, dressed like Gaga, and singing like Justin Bieber. And the most important thing! She's the Will Smith's daughter!! What do you think about his quickly success?

5 HOURS FOR 2011!!   

6 HOURS FOR 2011


He was launched to fame when he upload his cover of Lady Gaga's Paparazzi singed in he's school. He's only 13 years old and he had releases his new album Waiting Outside The Lines.

6 HOURS FOR 2011!! 

7 HOURS FOR 2011


Who's this boy? He's a very young Australian guy that release his debut album this Christmas and will follow the steps of Justin Bieber.

7 HOURS FOR 2011!!  

8 HOURS FOR 2011


Next year Kylie will go on tour in the Aphrodite-Les Folies Tour 2011. That will be in Spain too!

8 HOURS FOR 2011!!   

9 HOURS FOR 2011


The new album from Britney Spears will appear on the late March. The name of the first single of the album will be Hold It Against Me and not Hey Over There as the last sentence is the first verse of the song! Do you think is she still the Princess of Pop? Comment with your opinion!!

9 HOURS FOR 2011!!   

10 HOURS FOR 2011


The new album from Avril Lavigne will go on sale next 8th March 2011 in the United States and it's name is Goodbye Lullaby.

10 HOURS FOR 2011!!

11 HOURS FOR 2011


Finally, the new album from Amy Winehouse will come on the next months. Are you ready for more Winehouse? We were waiting her music, and it will arrive in the next months!

11 hours for 2011!! 

The 11 Last Posts of 2010

Well. Just wanna say that this 31st December I'm gonna be posting some photos about the things that are coming in the first months of 2011, especially about music and Fucking Monsters' Blog. So stay tuned to the blog and you will discover so many things about 2011: each hour it happens, like a count down for 2011, you will have a new post to read here. THE COUNT DOWN STARTS AT 13.00 (SPANISH HOUR) =D
And Álvaro, I'm still here.

Source: los40.com


30 de diciembre de 2010


So, sorry. First, seriously sorry for not uploading in this few days. You know is xmas, family and so on. Dave is out, I don't now were yet :) And I just wanna say all the things we should say.
A few days we have the blog, we had a very good start, many people encouraged us and we have been great. From the beginning we propose to do this and spendsome time, what we are doing, all thanks to new followers, comments, views, finallythanks to you. Therefore I wish you a happy new year, that is better than this and worse than the next. Godblessyou all. And thank you very much for your support. 
Tomorrow I'l upload a video because I'm going (Alvaro) to the testing of the bells (typical spanish). And thanks an other time for all. 


28 de diciembre de 2010


FInally, we need to share this :) Before starting doing this, we used to make videos and producing, only for have fun, then we participate in the EMA Mtv to win two VIP Tickets, we didn't win haha :) But we enjoy so much doing this, and we discover what our mind can do :) THere are some of them, wish you enjoy :)

Well. Here I am, for post some videos. Well, I usually rec videos for projects and things like that, so I haven't done so many good videos for this time; but from now i will try to make more with Alvaro so we can post here. Yeah man! Haha! Here you have the video Alvaro and I made for MTV EMAs so I expect you like so much and comment! Haha! Kisses!! @davegdam


No words for this video.

A photographer made this video about Justin Bieber's song Pray. And as I don't have words for describe it, here you have it!


"Born this way" may have a date for the release

Lady Gaga has been singing all the year around the world, as everybody knows, and is finishing now her new album, "Born this way". Amazon, great web for buy music in a legal way, says that her new CD will go on sale on 28th March 2011, the same day of Gaga's birthday. GREAT! 
Lady Gaga's manager, Troy Carter; said in an interview a few time ago, that they are so enthusiastic with the new album. They are starting to play it to small groups of people for see the results and the feelings that it creates.
But we will have to wait until the official date; even Gaga has announced in her Twitter that this New Year's Eve she will make an important notice.
For the moment, she accumulates more #1. This time, she has been named the celebrity more charitable because of his fight for homosexual rights.

Lady Gaga ha estado todo el año cantando de ciudad en ciudad como todos sabemos, y está terminando ya su nuevo disco "Born this way". Amazon, la gran web para comprar legalmente música, ha publicado en su web, que el nuevo álbum de Lady Gaga saldrá a la venta el 28 de marzo de 2011, el mismo día que el cumpleaños de Gaga.
El manager de Lady Gaga, Troy Carter, comunicó en una entrevista hace un tiempo que están entusiasmados con el nuevo álbum. Ahora están tocándolo para pequeños grupos de personas de forma que puedan ver los sentimientos que suscita. 
Pero todavía tenemos que esperar a la comunicación de la fecha oficial aunque Lady Gaga, en su Twitter, ha dicho que esta Nochevieja hará un anuncio muy especial.
Por el momento, ella sigue acumulando números 1 como el que le ha otorgado la revista "People" por ser la estrella más solidaria del año, por su lucha a favor de los derechos de los homosexuales.

Fuente: iMTV

26 de diciembre de 2010


Sorry for not update anything new, but you know its xmas :) So last 23th of Dicember I went to a FreeBuffet in Madrid with my friends and I take some photos about my friends outfits (grils).

 This is a present of the Swedis girl of my friend :D 
 My two favourites girls in the world :)
 Paris and Lau :) 
So look the militar water boots ;) 
The jacket of Paris, I love it :)
 Call her x girl :) 
The jersey is amazing with bronws elbows, it goes with the boots (down)

 What to say? 
 Each one more beautifull than the other...
I love them.
 Amazing looks

 Brown or gray
 Again brown or gray
I remember they were discussing whether it was or not the f**king brown scarf.
 Drink Pepsi... Cool girs do it. 
Hope you like it.

So, I don't know if I must say it, but we're working in improve the followers with a project with two shops or Madrid. Pray we can.

24 de diciembre de 2010

New hit! Rihanna ft. David Guetta! Incredible!

Everybody knows David Guetta. I would say that he is the best DJ of the moment, as he has recorded so many hits with wonderful bands and singers of the moment, as Estelle (One Love), or Akon and Kid Cudi, or the Black Eyed Peas.

So today I bring you his new hit with Rihanna, Who's that chick, so please, choose the 720p quality, put down the blinds, put the speakers all the loud you can, the video on full screen and start dancing in your room; because the video I bring you with the lyrics of the song, from David Guetta's Youtube channel, it's WONDERFUL!



23 de diciembre de 2010

The new famous member of Will Smith's family

We all know who Will Smith is. We met him in the The Prince of Bel-Air, as a very young Will. Later, he got married with Jada Pinkett Smith, a pretty singer.
But today I want to talk about their son and doughter. So the oldest of them, is Jaden Smith, the main actor of the last version of Karate Kid, a renovated version of the original film; with Jackie Chan as the Karate instructor.
But another time more, he is not the person I wanna talk about today. Today I wanna talk about Willow Smith, the youngest member of the Family Smith; as she has release this days her new and first single "I whip my hair". So, I mean, with only 10 years she has won the award for Best Female Year Actress on the Young Artist Awards of 2009; and has been nominate for two more awards; and she got her first album coming out. So that's the good thing of having one famous father, and one famous mother ;)
But do you think is a good thing to lend she have all that things with only 10 years? Well, look at Michael Jackson, he was only 7 or 8 when he started singing on the Jackson's Five. INCREDIBLE! Sometimes we can think that the parents of these kids only want make money by the work of their children, but what if these kids want to do what they do? If these kids want to do what they do, they can make things like that:

Fucking Monsters release two new pages

Fucking Monsters release today two new pages in it's blog!
So from today you can visit the Downloads page and the FM Board page, that I'm gonna explain you.

On the DOWNLOADS page you can find loads of wallpapers for download for your iPod, computer or BlackBerry.

On the THE FM BOARD page you will find the list or the board with the most wonderful hits of the moment, in the order you vote by the form. Then, every fifteen days, you will be able to see the new list with the positions you have chosen and the video, presented by Alvaro or Dave; with the video of the songs.

New things for the blog, we hope you like it!

22 de diciembre de 2010

GAGA'S On Dave's view

For start, I wanna say sorry that I couldn't post this last days, because I have had loads of exams this week!

So as my partner Alvaro posted his photos from Lady Gaga's Show in Madrid, I wanna do the same, but with mines. So here you have some of them. Hope you like it!

For start I will say that going to Lady Gaga's show has been the most incredible and wonderful thing I have ever done! Not only because she's my #1 Idol, with JB; but because that was a show, and not any other thing in the world. Just like when the lights go down and she appear in that big screen... Well, I think my heart come to 1000 rps! Haha! So now Alvaro and me miss Lady Gaga, as she is so far from here. But we know that she will be here on the next years... And we just wait. :D I hope you like the photos!


20 de diciembre de 2010


I'm uploading now those things because one week ago, this blog didn't exist. I went to Lady Gaga's concert with one partner, and a friend of Pamplona, there we made lots of new friends. This are the photos of the concert with many perspectives. If anyone wants more photos I've a lot. Just send me your e-mail and say that you want more :) I also have videos that later will be on YouTube.Sub :)

Also you can find videos and photos in http://www.ladygaga-online.com/ LadyGagaSpainFanClub