30 de diciembre de 2010


So, sorry. First, seriously sorry for not uploading in this few days. You know is xmas, family and so on. Dave is out, I don't now were yet :) And I just wanna say all the things we should say.
A few days we have the blog, we had a very good start, many people encouraged us and we have been great. From the beginning we propose to do this and spendsome time, what we are doing, all thanks to new followers, comments, views, finallythanks to you. Therefore I wish you a happy new year, that is better than this and worse than the next. Godblessyou all. And thank you very much for your support. 
Tomorrow I'l upload a video because I'm going (Alvaro) to the testing of the bells (typical spanish). And thanks an other time for all. 


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