22 de diciembre de 2010

GAGA'S On Dave's view

For start, I wanna say sorry that I couldn't post this last days, because I have had loads of exams this week!

So as my partner Alvaro posted his photos from Lady Gaga's Show in Madrid, I wanna do the same, but with mines. So here you have some of them. Hope you like it!

For start I will say that going to Lady Gaga's show has been the most incredible and wonderful thing I have ever done! Not only because she's my #1 Idol, with JB; but because that was a show, and not any other thing in the world. Just like when the lights go down and she appear in that big screen... Well, I think my heart come to 1000 rps! Haha! So now Alvaro and me miss Lady Gaga, as she is so far from here. But we know that she will be here on the next years... And we just wait. :D I hope you like the photos!


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