17 de diciembre de 2010


So, it's twelve in the night, tomorrow I've an exam, I'm soo tired and I'm impatient with this blog. Hello this is Alvaro.
I couldnt wait until tomorrow, and, of course, I wanted to be the first ones. To present our selves, that we need to do in the description, we're two teenagers with many ideas, bored, and with lots of wishes. The blog had been create at eleven, we din't change anything, the picture is a sh... and the colors, OMG the colors are.... Unbeliveble...
So this picture in the right is like a... uh... strange tarject or card, or whatever you want to name, that is my idea to give our blog, thisone, so fast, without habing problems. Tomorrow I wish we could change ALL, and I don't know. So good night., and, sorrye about the ortography :)


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