6 de octubre de 2011


There are going to be times when people tell us that we can't do anything in our lives, we can't contribute with the world.
But today has died a man that showed us that living our dreams is possible only if we try it hard, and he is Steve Jobs. #ThankYouSteve for make me feel the music, the technology and being the person I'm today. #iSad, but you needed to rest. You'll always be with us, any time I press a button of my iPod or I listen to my music. You made the world a better place. Thank you for all that.

                                      from Dave G Twitter: @davegm95

Today has been a hard day. When I got up this morning and I watch in the Morning News that Steve Jobs had died it was like if someone would have press my heart with all his strength. Steve Jobs made this world a better place, tried to introduce the technology in all the people's life and I think he did it.
I don't know what's fair or what is unfair, but his death hasn't been fair. He was young enough to continue creating and living his life. He deserved a solution for his sickness, and as he didn't get it, he is now resting, that is what he really needed after an amazing life that has contribute in all the other people ones.
Steve Jobs made me being another person, I'm sure a better one, and I don't know why I'm crying as I write this, because I wasn't of his family or anything, but as you can have probably seen, his death has struck the world and has taken people to the street for show the support we all gave him while he was alive.
Today is a sad day, but if you think like Steve, there will be one new thing, and he'll always be, wherever, supporting us as we did with him.

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